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Our Experience

ARS has extensive experience delivering safety, environmental and hazard management projects in line with the requirements of Australian and International standards, including the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012, How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks Code of Practice 2012, AS/NZS 4801:2001, AS/NZS 4804:2001, AS/NZS 31000:2009, ISO 18000, as well as against the in-house built criteria.
Ausrisk Services

Welcome to Australian Risk Services

New work health and safety laws commenced in New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory on 1 January 2012. Australian Risk Services conducts gap analysis and audits on the new Model National OHS Legislation and performs technical risk assessments to the requirements of the new legislation in plant, manual handling, heights, confined space, hazardous substances and dangerous goods. If you want to find out how your security obligations have changed or understand the full implications of the new legislation on your business, contact us today.

The Leading Safety and Risk Management Consultant Australia Wide

Safety and risk management is a vital part of any Australian business. However doing it right and in line with the new Australian WHS legislation is a complex task where many variables need to be considered. Every business is different and has a unique set of risks that may affect the safety of the employees. That’s why experience is essential.

Australia Risk Services are the leaders in performing safety and environmental risk assessment in Australia. We have a long history of providing quality risk assessments, safety auditing and training to our clients nationwide.

Services that are aligned with the WHS Legislation

At Australia Risk Services, we can ensure that your company complies with all the relevant safety legislation. This includes the WHS Act 2011, WHS Regulations 2011 as well as ISO 18011, which lays out how an Occupational Health and Safety Management System should be established; ISO 31000, which sets own the general guidelines for risk management in Australia; and ISO 14001, which goes into more detail on environmental management systems with the goal of measuring and improving environmental impact. Our expertise goes far beyond these standards and regulations; we also have knowledge in specialist areas – contact us if you have more detailed questions.

Risk Assessment for Manual Handling

Any business is exposes to risks of manual handling, particularly those in manufacturing, processing, or transport, who at a greater risk of their staff suffering a physical injury. To reduce the chance of injury and the associated costs, we offer a specialised manual handling risk assessment. We will identify the hazards your staff are at most risk from and offer systems that will reduce or remove these hazards.

Risk Assessment for Global Businesses

We are also experienced in assessing enterprise wide risk. As many global companies are coming under fire for their safety records, international standardisation boards are requiring greater compliance and accountability to safety standards. Australia Risk Services is an independent company who can provide documentation of enterprise wide risk assessment to be used for such bodies or for overseas head offices.

A Wide Range of Services

Our range of risk assessment services is wide-ranging. Whichever industry you company operates in, we can improve your safety record and reduce the compliance costs. We aim to improve business performance by reducing the processes which are preventing you from earning money (such as inefficient work practices and downtime caused by injury), as well as preventing events that would cost you money (such as public liability cases, reputational loses). At Australia Risk Services, we work with your company to ensure its working as well as it can.

Welcome to Australian Risk Services

Australian Risk Services is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specialising in occupational health and safety, training, environmental consulting, property and strategic risk management. ARS has over 16 years of experience and has completed numerous safety and risk management programs during that time, working across various states and industries.

Australian Risk Services’ methodology provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring security and environmental compliance. Organisational systems are considered as well as the inherent security culture of the organisation. This methodology provides a framework for the development of safety and danger management systems, preventive actions and contingency plans within an integrated economic perspective.

Our Goal

Our vision is to develop client capabilities in safety and hazard management so as to create an instinctive and consistent consideration of hazards, potential dangers and rewards in day to day planning, execution and monitoring of strategy and achievement of client goals.Our goal is to maximise the wealth of clients through strategically managing their risks and maximising their competitive edge by helping them stay one step ahead of their opposition.

At ARS we believe that the discipline is equally about managing vulnerabilities, as this is the danger of not achieving a beneficial opportunity/outcome. ARS assists clients in focusing on the “upside and downside” of security and business risk. We are proud of our achievements, having established complete hazard management systems for large global businesses employing 20,000 employees, as well as systems for small family businesses that want an effective system that meets their commercial needs.

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