Chain of Responsibility Training

Chain of responsibility training is critical for any business with a role in the supply chain. With recent legislation tightening regulations in the industry, the management faces more responsibility in ensuring compliance with such laws.

These set of laws are aimed at making sure that everyone in the supply chain shares responsibility to ensure Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) breaches don’t occur. After all, any party in the supply chain has an influence over the transport activity and, therefore, responsible for road safety.

The provision of this training is proof of a business’ dedication to the safety of their employees and the general public.

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Australian Risk Services offers training in ICAM Lead Investigation and Plant Risk Assessment Training as nationally recognised accredited courses. We are expert ICAM Investigators and trainers and experts in Plant Risk Management. For more information on these courses please go to our websites: and

There are many other training courses we offer that are tailored to industry requirements such as Isolation Lock out and Tag Out, Conducting Risk Assessment Training according to Regulations and Codes of Practice, Manual Handling Training, Confined Space Awareness Training and Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment Training, Due Diligence Training for Supervisors, Contractor Management and many other courses to assist in educating your staff in your safety requirements.

We tailor our Training to incorporate your safety systems procedures and processes to ensure relevance and benefit to your staff and operations. For further information contact Paul Camilleri on 0418461074.

Nationally Recognised Training

Australian Risk Services Australasia Pty Ltd is a registered training organisation. RTO ID number 45259.

Safety Risks Assessments

Safety Audits

Safety audit is a review of a business establishment's current safety standards and procedures implemented in their daily operation. The audit typically compares these against the relevant legislation with the aim of ensuring compliance.

The primary goal for this process is to identify gaps in a safety management system to show businesses where safety standards and procedures can be improved. Conducting such audits on a regular basis ensures a commercial organisation continually guarantees safety in their operation by regularly reviewing and improving the pertinent systems.

In this regard, Australian Risk Services specialise in providing Safety Audits against the requirements of AS 4801, ISO18001, ISO 45001. The systematic adoption and implementation of a range of effective AS 4801 safety systems are expected to contribute to optimal safety performance in the workspace.

Your Trusted Risk Management Consultants

Safety Risk Assessments

Safety and Risk Management is a vital part of any Australian business. Keeping in line with the new Australian WHS legislation is a complex task where many variables need to be considered. Every business has a unique set of risks that may affect the safety of the employees. That’s why experience is essential. Australian Risk Services are the leaders in performing safety and environmental risk assessment in Australia, providing quality risk assessments, safety auditing, and training to our clients nationwide.

Safety Management Systems

Australian Risk Services have close to 20 years experience in designing Safety Management Systems. We offer safety systems that identify and seek to remedy safety, environment, and health risks in the workplace. Whether your company is a large industrial plant or a small craft workshop, we can help you reduce and remove plant, manual handling, hazardous materials and other risks.

Business Risk Assessments

Large scale corporate failures across the globe have been attributed to a lack of accountability, strategy and transparency. As a response tougher risk management expectations were introduced by international standardisation bodies, regulators and other stakeholders, including a significant update to the AS ISO 31000:2018: standard. Never before has risk management been so important for company profitability and survival.

Industry Experience

Australian Risk Services has extensive experience delivering safety, environmental and hazard management projects in line with the requirements of Australian and International standards, including the current Work Health and Safety Act, Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012, How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks Code of Practice 2012, AS/NZS 4801:2001, AS/NZS 4804:2001, AS/NZS 31000:2009, ISO 18000, as well as against the in-house built criteria.

Our risk assessment services is wide-ranging. Whichever industry you company operates in, we can improve your safety record and reduce the compliance costs. We aim to improve business performance by reducing the processes which are preventing you from earning money, such as inefficient work practices and downtime caused by injury. Our goal is preventing events that would cost you money, such as public liability cases and reputational loses. At Australian Risk Services, we work with your company to ensure its operating as well as it can.

Why Choose Australian Risk Services

01. Accredited Training Organisation

Australian Risk Services Australasia Pty Ltd is a registered training organisation. RTO ID number 45259. We run the following accredited courses: BSBWHS515 – Lead Initial Response to and Investigate WHS Incidents and RIIWHS301E Conduct safety and health investigation and TLIF0045 – Investigate rail safety incidents. TLIF0009 - Ensure the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility) and TLIF0014 - Monitor the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility).  

BSBWHS518- Manage WHS Hazards associated with maintenance and use of Plant, FNSRSK401 Implement Risk and Management Strategies, BSBOPS504 - Manage Business Risk.

02. Global Experience

Australian Risk Services is a firm with extensive safety, risk management and environmental experience across the variety of industries in Australia, Mali, Tanzania, Middle East and Europe. Australian Risk Services has highly qualified and experienced consultants and lead auditors Australiawide.

03. Highly Qualified Team

You can rest assured that each member of the Australian Risk Services team is a qualified and experienced professional, committed to help us not only meet but exceed your business’ needs. Australian Risk Services gives you access to some of the world’s leading WHS audit professionals, Australian Risk Services is at the forefront of Management System trends and developments.

04. Solid Systems

Building strong, one-on-one relationships with our clients allows us to manage and mitigate the risk of failing to meet standard or legislation requirements via our auditing services. Rather than just help you become compliant, we assist our clients in delivering sustainable and continued services and products.

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