Chain of Responsibility Training Course

ARS brings our high reputation for training delivery to the vital subject of Chain of Responsibility awareness.. CoR aims to reduce infrastructure damage for companies and organisations, as well as improving safety on our nation’s roads. Delivering improved levels of compliance, and a consistency nationally, this helps increase business efficiency while providing both deterrence and enforcement; thoroughly welcome outcomes for all responsible parties.

Who needs CoR training and what does it include?

Chain of Responsibility Training is vital for all those who work within our nation’s transport industry and are involved in the process of packing, consigning, and loading goods - as well as receiving them. Attendees have the opportunity to clearly understand the key elements of legislation, and the purpose for which it has been placed on the statute book. Further, during their participation in this training, they will fully appreciate:

  • Heavy Vehicle National Law; state and territory requirements; WHS regulations
  • The importance across a range of roles, wherever individuals are positioned on the CoR chain
  • Their own role within this area; and the responsibilities of both themselves and others
  • How CoR provisions are built into road transport law
  • What legislation requires; how to avoid breaches of road safety
  • The range of offences and their penalties

Other areas for coverage include: extended liability; speeding, fatigue, work and rest requirements; employee rights and regulations; securing loads, dimension, load and axle limits; the principle of ‘Reasonable Steps’ and much more. 

On their successful completion of their Chain of Responsibility training, your delegates will gain a valued State of Completion certificate. With the Australian Risk Services reputation as an accredited training organisation, our highly qualified team, and a wealth of experience, it’s no wonder that this is the choice made by so many of Australia’s leading companies and organisations.

Chain of Responsibility Training Course Units

TLIF0009 - Ensure the Safety of Transport Activities

TLIF0014 - Monitor the Safety of Transport Activities