Enterprise Wide Risk Profiling

Large scale corporate failures across the globe have been attributed to a lack of accountability, strategy and transparency. As a response tougher risk management expectations were introduced by international standardization bodies, regulators and other stakeholders, including a significant update to the AS/NZS 31000: standard.

Never before has risk management been so important for company profitability and survival.

Potential issues you may be facing

  •  You need to improve relationships with stakeholders and regulators.
  • You need reliable data for internal and external reporting.
  • You need risk identification and risk assessment for business processes.
  •  You want to implement a risk management system and governance.
  • You want to plan an IPO.

Services we offer

  •  Benchmarking your current risk management practices against recognised industry standards, including AN/NZS 31000: COSO:ERM, and FERMA Risk Management Standard
  • Developing strategies to assist in implementing an enterprise risk management (ERM) system
  • Helping to integrate risk management outputs into strategic and financial planning, decisionmaking and performance management
  • Assessing your organisation’s risk management maturity and culture
  • Performing risk assessments and creating company risk profiles
  • Business continuity management and disaster recovery planning
  • Risk management training

Benefits for our clients

  • Improved risk management, strategic planning, budgeting and performance management
  • Improved protection of the company brand
  • Reduced compliance costs
  • Increased focus on stakeholder issues
  • Lower penalty risk as a result of breaches of compliance

Enterprise Risk Management
Security Risk Management
Operational Risk Management