ISO 14001 standard

The ISO 14001 standard requires that a community or organisation put in place and implement a series of practices and procedures that, when taken together, result in an environmental management system.

ISO 14001 is not a technical standard and as such does not in any way replace technical requirements embodied in statutes or regulations. It also does not set prescribed standards of performance for organisations.

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The major requirements of an Environmental Management System (EMS) under ISO 14001 include:

  • A policy statement which includes commitments to prevention of pollution, continual improvement of the EMS leading to improvements in overall environmental performance, & compliance with all applicable statutory & regulatory requirements
  • Identification of all aspects of the community organisation’s activities, products, & services that could have a significant impact on the environment, including those that are not regulated
  • Setting performance objectives & targets for the management system which link back to the three commitments established in the community or organisation’s policy (i.e. prevention of pollution, continual improvement, & compliance)
  • Implementing the EMS to meet these objectives. This includes activities like training of employees, establishing work instructions & practices, & establishing the actual metrics by which the objectives & targets will be measured
  • Establishing a program to periodically audit the operation of the EMS
  • Checking & taking corrective & preventive actions when deviations from the EMS occur, including periodically evaluating the organisation’s compliance with applicable regulatory requirements
  • Undertaking periodic reviews of the EMS by top management to ensure its continuing performance & making adjustments to it, as necessary


  • Global environmental issues, the legislative framework, & EMS
  • Example cases of organisations that have been prosecuted
  • Due Diligence as a defence
  • Your companies environmental impacts & the management response to date
  • How to more efficiently use energy & improve waste management based on site audit results.
  • Conduct a waste stream assessment of Company operations.
  • What is required for your company to progressively develop & implement SHE management system based on ISO 14001

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