Executive briefing training

Duration 0.5 day
Requirements Clients to provide lunch and morning tea
Venue Client to provide venue


  • Understand history of safety and health & environmental performance.
  • Gain skills in effective SHE Management.
  • Became aware of legal obligations & compliance strategies,  ISO 1400, AS 4801, ISO 45000, ISO 18000.
  • Understand hazard identification and risk assessment.
  • Understand risk management principles and processes.

Safety inductions

Australian Risk Services provides clients with tailored induction programs for employees, contractors and visitors. Our interactive program involves video production, voice over story board and detailed graphics, photos and maps in depicting the circumstances of your site. The time saved in man hours spent on inductions is retuned very quickly and consequently your investment is returned to you in a short period of time. All inductions are competency based before passes are given.

The Safety Induction Program is an interactive multi-media presentation that includes text, graphics, audio, and video to present information to the user.  At various points in the presentation, the user is required to participate in the presentation (eg. acknowledging policies, completing tests, and other things).

Australian Risk Services also develops comprehensive induction programs for plant and equipment operations, working at heights and manual handling.

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Risk is inherent in everything we do, whether it be riding a bicycle, managing a project, dealing with clients, determining work priorities, purchasing new systems and equipment, taking decisions about the future or deciding not to take any action at all.

We manage risks continuously, sometimes consciously and sometimes without realizing it. The need to manage risk systematically applies to all organizations and individuals and to all functions and activities within an organization. This need should be recognized as of fundamental importance by all managers and staff.

The objective is to provide guidance to enable public, private or community enterprises, groups and individuals to achieve:

  • a more confident and rigorous basis for decision-making and planning;
  • better identification of opportunities and threats;
  • gaining value from uncertainty and variability;
  • pro-active rather than re-active management
  • more effective allocation and use of resources;
  • improved incident management and reduction in loss and the cost of risk, including commercial insurance premiums;
  • improved stakeholder confidence and trust;
  • improved compliance with relevant legislation; and
  • better corporate governance.

  • ICAM Lead Investigator Accredited 2 Day and 1 Day Basic
  • Basic hazard identification
  • Confined spaces
  • Contractor management
  • Dangerous goods
  • Environmental and ISO 14001
  • Ergonomics
  • Executive briefing
  • Fire warden
  • Fatigue management
  • Hazardous substance regulations
  • Isolation for the oil and gas industry
  • Lock out and isolation
  • Manual handling
  • Plant hazard identification
  • Risk management
  • Safety committee
  • AS4801 Auditing Training
  • Supervisor safety
  • Working at heights
  • Workplace hazard identification, risk assessment and control
  • Working from home