Property Risk Assessment Services

Australia Risk Services will assist you in developing security systems to protect your assets. Our risk assessment for properties will identify what level of protection each of your valuable assets needs and create a plan to properly protect each of these. The threats to these assets include theft, accidental damage, fire, and flood.

If you produce products for general consumption or have frequent visitors to your work premises, we also provide public liability Risk Assessment. We can determine which parts of your business are at risk of a public liability claim and can recommend how to reduce or remove these risks and what level of insurance is needed to cover the remaining risks. Often, reducing the risk of a public liability claim is as simple as putting measures in place to prevent trips, slips, and falls.

We also offer services to insurance companies with our insurance underwriting risk assessments. We can assess how much risk a company possesses, whether they’re a small manufacturer or a large storage and distribution company, and make recommendations on how much and what type of insurance they would require.

You can easily make an inquiry by contacting Australian Risk Services via email or phone.

Property Risk Assessment Process

  1. Determine the assets to be protected
  2. Assess the threats to each of the assets categories
  3. Real vulnerabilities are then determined, that is, what threats expose what assets
  4. Maintenance & prevention plans

We conduct assessments in the
following areas

  • Plant Safety
  • Fire Systems
  • Property Transfer
  • Insurance/Underwriting
  • Slip Trip & Falls
  • Public Liability Assessments
  • Confined Spaces
  • Design Assessment
  • New Premises Assessment
  • Corporate Governance Services
  • Property Risk Assessment
  • Event Risk Management, Safety, & Security
  • Self Insurance
  • Safety Behavioral Culture Survey
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Quality Management Services
  • High Level Risk Profiling
  • Process Re-engineering