Risk Management Consultant

Safety and risk management is a vital part of any Australian business. However, doing it right and in line with the new Australian WHS legislation is a complex task where many variables need to be considered. Every business is different and has a unique set of risks that may affect the safety of the employees. That’s why experience is essential.

Australia Risk Services are the leaders in performing safety and environmental risk assessment in Australia. We have a long history of providing quality risk assessments, safety auditing, and training to our clients nationwide.

Risk is inherent in everything we do, whether it be riding a bicycle, managing a project, dealing with clients, determining work priorities, purchasing new systems and equipment, taking decisions about the future or deciding not to take any action at all.

We manage risks continuously, sometimes consciously and sometimes without realizing it. The need to manage risk systematically applies to all organizations and individuals and to all functions and activities within an organization. This need should be recognized as of fundamental importance by all managers and staff.

The objective is to provide guidance to enable public, private or community enterprises, groups and individuals to achieve:

  • a more confident and rigorous basis for decision-making and planning;
  • better identification of opportunities and threats;
  • gaining value from uncertainty and variability;
  • pro-active rather than re-active management
  • more effective allocation and use of resources;
  • improved incident management and reduction in loss and the cost of risk, including commercial insurance premiums;
  • improved stakeholder confidence and trust;
  • improved compliance with relevant legislation; and
  • better corporate governance.