Traning Modules

Australian Risk Services is uniquely placed to deliver the standard of Risk Management Training required, thanks to our lengthy experience across a variety of industries, companies and organisations. Our comprehensive, training modules cover a range of key areas, including:

  • Understanding the methodology and context of risk, its identification and analysis; implementation of treatments
  • WHS hazard management; how to assess and then control them; including key areas such as registration, licencing and certification; the processes and practicalities for managing  both operational maintenance and training
  • Implementation of risk management strategies; covering CoR, OHS, HVNL and individual state or territory regulations; workplace policies and procedures; development and implementation, and review

Many other aspects are covered in detail throughout our ARS Risk Management Training processes. At the conclusion, Delegates will have gained a thorough understanding of risk management responsibilities; and will receive a valuable Certificate of Completion.

Risk management is a vital skill for individuals in management positions. Learning what risks are, how to identify them, and how to account for them and mitigate them when making decisions can make the difference between an organisation's success and failure. Those who are leaders in their respective industry make decisions daily that will affect an organisation's ability to handle unexpected events.

Australian Risk Services offers numerous courses covering:

  • What is risk management and risk-based decision making?
  • Practical steps to identify risks when making decisions.
  • Practical steps to analyse risks and their impact on key decisions, process and objectives. What tools and techniques are there to learn about risks and analyse them holistically?
  • Select and implement treatments, make better risk-based decisions. How do you choose the best ways to mitigate risks? How do you implement them and make them stick?

Risk Management Training Units

BSBRSK501 Manage Risk

This module establishes the context of risk, identifies and analyses them, and selects and implements treatments. It cover management of risk without identifying a given industry setting.

BSBWHS518 Manage WHS Hazard associated with Maintenance and Use of Plant

This module identifies plant-associated WHS hazards; both assessing and controlling such risks; offers valuable advice on plant registration, licencing and certification; and managing maintenance and operation training.

FNSRSK401 Implement Risk Management Strategies

This unit covers chain of responsibility parties and features of HVNL and state or territory regulations; development and implementation, and then review, of policies and procedures in the workplace.