WHS Safety Training

Time and time again, companies discover the hard way that safety and environmental training is good business. It is an essential part of effective Plant Operations but too often, it is not given the attention it deserves.

Because our training packages are written by working parties with years of experience, the quality and technical depth of these resources is unmatched by the other commercial material. And because we provide training courses in-house, you save time and money. A course delivered in-house costs less than other training methods. It is more convenient and more effective. It costs less because you don’t have to send staff away on courses, it is convenient because you can hold Courses when and where you want them; and it is effective because you can tailor the course to the exact needs of your personnel.

The training packages use an “active participation” method. Under the trainer’s guidance, small groups of trainees discuss real case histories and important points, so that you can be sure everyone understands the material. Any lack of understanding quickly becomes apparent in the discussion sessions, so it is possible to identify this and remedy it.