This module covers chain of responsibility features, administering their HVNL requirements and workplace policies and procedures, and the identification and reporting of breaches of responsibility. 

It clearly explains the difference between obligations and responsibilities, covers both HVNL and state or territory requirements. Delegates learn of the duties with the chain of responsibility, failures to comply, and extended liability. Different types of breaches and penalties, and the reasonable steps defence and loading arrangements are also covered. 

The utilisation of workplace policies and procedures, how to locate current CoR information, various names for workplace procedures, and key documentation options.Speed management procedures and considerations, the definition of fatigue, work and rest times, are covered. Delegates will understand the calculation of vehicle dimensions, mass and the limits of both; the securing of loads - and the necessary documentation, and its standards, processing and storing. for this.

The application, actioning, and monitoring, of CoR policies and procedures, and investigation of and dealing with breaches and non-compliance, and how these can be rectified and reported is covered; as is employee communication options.