This module explains chain of responsibility features in HVNL and state or territory regulations, the development and implementation of policies and procedures in the workplace - and the reviewing of such activities.

Identifying the Chain of Responsibility parties, including drivers or owner drivers, plus consignors and consignees, employers, prime contractors, operators and schedulers, loading managers, loaders and packers, will be a key element. Others areas covered include:

  • Explanation of HVNL and principle obligations in the CoR
  • Applicable legislation and regulations in line with this law
  • Relevant transport regulations, both in Australia and internationally
  • State and territory OHS and legislation for environmental protection
  • Workplace employee rights and regulations
  • Managing speed, fatigue, traffic conditions, work and rest requirements
  • Extended liability
  • Dimension, loads and mass axle type limits for vehicles; and the appropriate securing of loads and dangerous goods
  • Individual and supervisory roles and duties
  • The need for risk-based categorisations
  • Explaining and preventing CoR breaches, non-compliance, and possible penalties
  • Responding to COR compliance problems
  • Striving for continual improvement
  • What constitutes reasonable steps for different job roles

This module also examines workplace policies and procedures, how these are monitored and reviewed, statements of intent, change proposals. Different documentation formats, including electronic, paper-based, and communication methods will be assessed.