Useful Links

Time and time again, companies discover the hard way that safety and environmental training is good business. It is essential part of effective plant operations.


Below are some useful web sites for Risk Management and Occupational Health and Safety practitioners that will assist in research and understanding legal requirements.

Accident Compensation Conciliation Service

ACT Legal Information Institute

ACT Work Cover

Australian Council of Trade Unions

Australian Industry Group

Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Business Channel

COMCARE (Commonwealth Government)

CTH Legal Information Institute

DTIR Workplace – Health and Safety (Queensland)

Ergonomics Society of Australia

Hansard (Vic Parliamentary Debates)

Head of Workers’ Compensation Authorities

Health and Medical Research Council

National Certification Working Group

National Road Transport Commission

National Safety Council of Australia

New South Wales Legal Information Institute

New South Wales WorkCover Authority

New Zealand Legal Information Institute

Northern Territory Legal Information Institute

Northern Territory Work Health Authority

Occupational Health & Safety Sites

OHS Reps – Networking for Safer Workplaces

Online resource for Health

Queensland Legal Information Institute

Queensland WorkCover Authority

Safety Institute of Australia

South Australia Legal Information Institute

South Australia WorkCover Authority

Tasmanian Legal Information Institute

Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Victorian Government Homepage

Victorian Injury Prevention Committee

Victorian Legal Information Institute

Victorian Legislation & Parliamentary Documents Repositories

Victorian Trades Hall Council

Victorian WorkCover Authority

Western Australia Legal Information Institute

Western Australia WorkCover Authority

Western Australia WorkSafe

WorkCover Corporation of South Australia

Workplace Services Division (ERIC) – South Australia

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC)

NOHSC Online Statistics Interactive

WorkSafe Australia

WorkCover Tasmania

Workplace Standards Tasmania

Accident Compensation Corporation – New Zealand

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

New Zealand’s Health & Safety Net

The Swedish Occupational Safety and Health Administration

US Department of Labor

Workers Compensation Research Institute